Health Spa in Katra

In-House herbal massage centre spa in KC Residency Katra


In-House herbal massage centre at KC Residency Katra. Natura spa is managed by a professional team of experts. The spa is equipped with all modern facilities like STEAM - SAUNA - JACUZZI and provide herbal massage. It is the best place for rejuvenation and complete relaxation after a hectic pilgrimage.

signature therapy

Signature Therapy

Signature therapy is a combination of Swedish massage, Chinese Strokes with Thai Stretching along with Indian classical massage therapy to rejuvenate your body.

deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue

Used to treat musculoskeletal issues by applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

swedish massage

Swedish Massage

Performed to energize body & improve overall health, warm up of muscle tissue & releasing tension. Massage oil/ lotion is used to protect the skin from friction.

aroma healing

Aroma Healing

Use of essential oils, Powerful therapy to control physical, mental and emotional effects. It is also useful in Relaxation of stress and headache related alleviation.

full leg massage

Full Leg Massage

Designed to soothe tired feet and calves. It has soothing rhythmic strokes with medium pressure that improve blood circulation and offer relief from stress and tension.

foot reflexology

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a treatment that’s been practiced for centuries. It involves applying pressure to different points on the bottom of the foot.

Foot Massage

Foot massage helps is pain relief and to alleviate stress and even to speed up injury recovery. Traditionally, foot massages are performed using the hands to effectively stimulate the reflex areas in the foot.